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green marketing campaign

Insomnia Marketing and Communication would like to work with companies that wish to undergo a ‘green’ marketing campaign. That is, from start to finish, a well-thought-out campaign that thinks about the environment from the way we interact, to how the campaign is executed and what environment the marketing campaign is developed.

If every company sees how easy it is to take their campaigns ‘green’ then we will be making a difference.

Too often, we all chose the easy option, and become selfish by not always thinking of the impact we are making on the environment.

We ask you, to think about what you can do better to help the environment, and see the world as a better place.

At Insomnia Marketing and Communication, we have been slowly over the 8 years we have been established, trying to do the right thing. It is only now though, that we have decided to make it our mandate, to not only make a difference ourselves but to also champion the use of green campaigns amongst our client base and to educate mid-to-large organisations to do the same.

Why not give a ‘green’ marketing campaign a go? For more information, please contact

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