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B and T Magazine, 31 March 2006

Advertising: Whether it's to boost brand credibility and personalisation, capture emotion, or just to keep within a tight budget, street casting is becoming an increasingly popular option with agencies and their clients.

Street casting uses real people – not actors – to represent a brand.

Companies like Vodafone, Tourism Australia, The Melanoma Foundation and Advance Asset Management all chose Aussie 'girls and boys next door' to represent their brands in 2006.

Street casting was the choice for David Ohana, creative director at Insomnia Films, when creating a television campaign for the Melanoma Foundation.

Building on a 60 Minutes story, Ohana decided the best way to emphasise early detection and prevention would be to use interview footage with melanoma sufferer Steven Nielson. The campaign launched March 13 and runs for two months.

"Using actors wouldn't have had the same effect. You can't replicate the tears and the look in the eyes of Steven and his family," Ohana says.

Although Steven had no previous media experience, Ohana said working with an amateur was easy.

"When you get people talking about a subject close to their heart, their story is easily translated."

Steven lost his battle with cancer making the campaign even more powerful.

"Even after hours of editing the footage, I couldn't forget that Steven is no longer with us and that adds power to the message," Ohana says.

(See page 5, 31 March 2006, B and T Magazine for the rest of the story).

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