At Insomnia Marketing and Communication, we have built a reputation on delivering unique and creatively outstanding marketing and communications programs.

Our process is to approach each new client with a new concept and new commitment, all backed by experience and industry knowledge.

We have systems in place to ensure quality control, but no boundaries when it comes to using creativity to make your company stand out from competitors.

Insomnia Marketing and Communication can develop marketing campaigns simultaneously, enabling each element of the campaign – from the web site and company brochure to advertisements – to derive from a single platform of innovative design and flawless content.


This concerted effort of integrating the variety of marketing disciplines that exists within any given campaign drives consistency and a strong message throughout the entire company and marketplace.

By continually understanding your needs and sharing our findings, Insomnia Marketing and Communication is able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues your company faces on a daily basis.

Insomnia Marketing and Communication will keep your company abreast of new technologies, creative ideas for design and original content, marketing campaigns from competitors and brand identity possibilities.