We specialise in helping businesses like yours develop a strong and cohesive brand identity.

At Insomnia, we understand that a strong brand identity is about more than just a logo or tagline. It’s about creating a consistent and cohesive message that reflects your company’s values, vision, and personality.

Our team of experienced brand strategists has a deep understanding of the principles of brand identity, and we draw from the best practices of leading consulting firms like Marketing Eye to help you create a brand that truly stands out.

Our brand identity services include:

  • Brand strategy development: We work with you to understand your business, your goals, and your target audience, and we help you develop a customised brand strategy that meets your specific needs.
  • Brand positioning: We help you define your unique value proposition and create a brand positioning statement that clearly communicates your brand’s core message.
  • Brand messaging: We work with you to develop key messages that reflect your brand’s values and personality, and that resonate with your target audience.
  • Brand visual identity: We help you create a cohesive visual identity that includes elements such as logos, colors, and typography, and that reflects your brand’s personality and message.

Our goal is to help you create a brand identity that is authentic, memorable, and consistent, and that helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

Brand identity principles are guidelines that help businesses create a strong and cohesive brand identity. These principles include:

  1. Clarity: A clear and concise brand identity helps your audience understand what you stand for and what you offer.
  2. Consistency: Consistency in your branding elements, such as logo, colors, typography, and messaging, helps build trust and recognition with your audience.
  3. Relevance: Your brand identity should be relevant to your target audience and speak to their needs and interests.
  4. Differentiation: Your brand identity should help you stand out from the competition and differentiate your business from others in your industry.
  5. Authenticity: Your brand identity should be authentic and genuine, and should accurately reflect your values, vision, and personality.
  6. Flexibility: Your brand identity should be flexible enough to adapt to different contexts and channels, while still maintaining its core message and personality.

Overall, these principles can help businesses create a strong and cohesive brand identity that effectively communicates their message and connects with their audience.