What they do
JETRO is a government – related organisation that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. It provides Australian businesses wishing to establish a presence in the Japanese market with free office space, advice, information, networking functions and business matching assistance.

To generate greater awareness of JETRO and their services in the wider business community. In doing this, JETRO aims to register and assist as many Australian organisations enter and establish themselves in the Japanese market.

Insomnia developed a comprehensive communications strategy aimed at targeting Australian organisations seeking their piece of the highly lucrative Japanese market. This involved a comprehensively researched and targeted email and telemarketing campaign aimed at industries currently booming in the Japanese market including real estate, tourism and property. This is to be followed up by a networking and public relations schedule targeting industry-specific organisations.

Awareness of JETRO and their services has significantly risen. Several companies have now registered for JETRO’s assistance in entering the Japanese market, and many others are currently in the pipeline.