What they do
Ozanam Industries (Special Work of St Vincent de Paul) employs over 100 Australians with varying forms of disabilities to carry out a comprehensive range of mail fulfillment, packaging and distribution services. Their client base includes leading Australian banks, publicly-listed companies and government departments.

To more effectively communicate the organizations competitive service offerings. In the past there has been a focus on what businesses could do to assist people with disabilities. Our goal was to shift this paradigm, by focusing our marketing efforts on how people with disabilities can work to assist the success of businesses.

A complete revamp of the Ozanam Industry website, incorporating a more professional and corporate look and feel, new copy and search engine optimization. We arranged for a photographer to capture images of the staff in action for inclusion in the new site. We generated new copy which clearly communicated the benefits of an association with Ozanam Industries, including high-levels of personalized customer service, efficiency, accuracy and cost-saving.

An award-winning website which was chosen by the government from a pool of industry sites to be launched at a ceremony in Canberra. With initial results arriving in, the site has significantly increased sales leads and activity.
The next stage in the process is to build on Ozanam’s new, more corporate image and continue to grow the awareness and success of the Ozanam brand.